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1. Duke, Progress Energy could get BPL law in NC
June 27, 2006
Those two BPL-savvy utilities are among the big IOU's in North Carolina, State Sen Daniel Clodfelter, D-Mecklenburg County, reminded us last week . . . keep reading

2. Texas' BPL law chilled Cinergy deployment
June 27, 2006
We asked Cinergy's CEO James Rogers -- now CEO of Duke Energy, too since those two merged -- about the reported slow-down of deployment of BPL at Cinergy . . . keep reading

3. MainNet's got new AMR, Italy's ASM is buying
June 27, 2006
BPL hardware maker MainNet has available a new line of BPL-based AMR called AmrPLUS . . . keep reading

4. Eighty-six Paris suburbs to get BPL
April 11, 2006
About 1.5 million to get access to voice, data & home services French electric grid hardware-maker Mecelec won the needed "public service dele . . . keep reading

5. Gridwise vision of 'smart grid' pays IOUs, consumers
June 27, 2006
"Absolutely BPL has a role in the power grid of the future," Rob Pratt told us recently . . . keep reading

6. Current/TXU execs weather ham conference Question and Answer
June 27, 2006
James Mollenkopf isn't sure who's idea it was . . . keep reading

7. Task force vies to set Nebraska BPL ban in stone
December 19, 2006
The ban on access BPL and other alternative broadband deployments in Nebraska was bolstered this month by the task force report ordered in June 2005 . . . keep reading

8. BPL's business case evolves in 2007
March 27, 2007
New BPL integrator/operator bought a set of databases that are updated monthly and have every DSL and cable deployment in the US down to the customer's address . . . keep reading

9. BPL Global readies for BPL boom
October 31, 2006
BPL integrator/operator and "smart grid" technology firm BPL Global hired a CFO with the kind of experience the firm believes is needed for the coming boom . . . keep reading

10. Current's TXU update: IOU benefiting now from BPL
March 20, 2007
With thousands of "smart meters" deployed, provisioned, up and being read over TXU's BPL deployment, "numerous distribution management benefits have already been seen . . . keep reading

11. Terms of use
We invite our subscribers to enjoy all the features this site has to offer. But we must require that each subscriber abide by certain rules so that no one's rights are stepped on. . . . keep reading

12. UPLC tracks FCC letters on Manassas
June 27, 2006
FCC's Enforcement Bureau sent two letters on June 16 to ComTek and the City of Manassas about complaints from local amateur radio operators, reported the UPLC in its weekly news report . . . keep reading

13. BPL is fast, affordable answer to safety of aging US infrastructure
August 14, 2007
The bridge collapse in Minneapolis two weeks ago and the steam pipe explosion in New York City a few week prior put the aging US infrastructure of roads and utility equipment on center stage for the general public and press . . . keep reading

14. IEEE BPL groups make headway
April 11, 2006
The P1675 working group -- focused on installation and safety for BPL hardware -- met during the IEEE PLC Symposium in Orlando, Fla a couple weeks ago and kept up momentum towards balloting to begin possibly by Fall, Group Chair and Arizona Public Service Senior Communications Engineer Terrence Burns told us last week . . . keep reading.